Treatment Options for Incontinence in Older Men

Treatment Options for Incontinence in Older Men

Effective incontinence therapy is needed to make the patient’s life comfortable and fulfilling. Depending on what kind of urinary incontinence medicine was prescribed by a doctor, the goal may be to:

Restore the structure, integrity, and functioning of the muscle tissues;

Stimulate microcirculation of the organs of the genitourinary system;

Increase sphincter tone;

Increase urinary control by restoring the central nervous system of the body;

Block the inflammatory process;

Remove any infections and bacteria;

Restore hormonal imbalance.

Along with the medication, physiotherapeutic methods of action can help regenerate muscle tissue and nerve cells. In this case, various health procedures using medical equipment, therapeutic exercises, special exercises, and other means may be incorporated.


electrical stimulation of muscles and tissues;

Kegel exercises for men;

extracorporeal magnetic stimulation;


Nowadays, various devices for treating this disorder are widely used. Along with physiotherapy and drug therapy, a special diet and fluid intake are recommended. To observe and plan the process of urination, regular recording of the time of urine excretion will help.

Home Remedies:

Horsetail, heather, hops, lovage, beans and parsley seeds help to get rid of the symptoms of bedwetting in older men. The ingredients are mixed in the following proportions: horsetail – 10 g, hop fruit – 5 g, dried lovage root – 5 g, beans – 5 g, parsley seeds – 10 g, heather – 10 g. Brew in one glass of pure water. Infusion is left overnight. The resulting remedy should be drunk in small sips throughout the day. The shepherd’s purse is a plant whose infusion also helps with incontinence. 15 g of dried grass is poured in 200 ml of clean drinking water and left overnight. Take 20 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Egg shells and honey can also prove effective in preventing incontinence in older men. A chicken eggshell powder is mixed with honey so that small balls can be rolled. They are left at room temperature and up to 10 pellets are eaten throughout the day. Incontinence from the bark of ash, elm, and viburnum helps to cope with daytime incontinence. On the first day, you must drink 200 ml of a solution of ash bark, the next day the same amount of viburnum bark, on the third day – elm.

Tea drink from sage leaves is also an effective remedy for incontinence. 5 tablespoons of dried herbs are added to a liter of boiling water and taken during the day. Blackberry and blueberry infusions are useful, which should be drunk three times a day, 100 g each. Both fresh and dried berries can be used to make them.

Senior Supplemental Plans:

Medigap or Medicare supplement plans at pay for out-of-the-pocket costs which are not included in Basic Medicare. Elderly above the age of 65 who’s an enrollee in the Medicare can benefit from Medigap plans offered by private insurance carriers.