Symptoms of Coma in Elderly

Symptoms of Coma in Elderly

Coma in older people develops as a result of acute impairment of blood circulation in the brain, which leads to damage to the central nervous system and changes in the work of the vital processes of the body. The duration of coma lasts about 2-4 weeks. The outcome depends on the reasons that caused it, the severity and the area of damage. After regaining consciousness, tests are conducted that help assess the health of the patient.

Sources of coma:

circulatory disorders of the brain;


injuries and brain tumors;

acute renal or hepatic impairment;

violation of water and electrolyte metabolism in the body;


intoxication of the body.

Primary symptoms of coma in the elderly:

Body temperature

If a coma in older people is caused due to extreme heat, it is accompanied by high temperatures of up to +43°C and dry skin. In case of poisoning with alcohol or medications, a lowered temperature of 32 – 34°С is diagnosed. The frequency of respiratory movements

Slow breathing may be caused by a lack of thyroid hormones or poisoning with drugs containing morphine. If the disorder develops due to bacterial intoxication, a brain tumor, renal failure, diabetes, then the patient may experience deep breathing. Blood pressure and heart rate

In cases where a coma in an elderly person is provoked by heart ailments, a decrease in the rhythm of heart contractions is observed. If the cause of the coma is high intracranial pressure, then the patient is diagnosed with a rapid heartbeat in combination with high blood pressure. Increased blood pressure is characteristic of patients in a coma due to a stroke. Low blood pressure may be observed in patients with diabetes. Also, it might be a result of poisoning with hypnotic drugs, extensive internal hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, etc.

The color of the skin

Saturated red skin indicates that the patient was poisoned with carbon monoxide. The blueness of the fingertips and nasolabial triangle indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood. If an elderly person in a coma has hematomas, is bleeding from the ears and nose, has bruises around the eyes, then it may be a result of a traumatic brain injury. If unnatural pallor of the skin is present, this may indicate extensive blood loss.

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Smart Bracelet for Seniors: Why Are They Required?

Smart Bracelet for Seniors: Why Are They Required?

People in old age, and especially those with poor health can get injured at any time. More often than not, this happens outside the home. During working hours, the younger relatives do not have the physical capacity to help victims, and not every disabled person has an accompanying person. But a special smart bracelet can come to the rescue! For psychological comfort and a sense of security during a self-walk, a GPS tracker for the elderly can prove advantageous.

How safe is the use of bracelets?

Most people of the older generation are convinced that all technology is harmful since radiation comes from it. Yes, a GPS tracker produces electromagnetic radiation, but even compared to a mobile phone, it is several times smaller and poses no danger. Wearing a bracelet constantly can save from a really difficult or even a hopeless situation, and there is no harm to your health. Get a 2020 medicare supplement quote at

Each smart bracelet comes with a special GPS tracker, which tracks the geographical location of the carrier & forwards them to a tethered smartphone, computer or mobile phone. GPS tracker can not only determine the coordinates but also trace the entire route of movement of a person. But such a device transmits more data and consumes a significant amount of energy, so it must be constantly charged to the desired level.

Whatever happens to older people at home or on the street, thanks to the bracelet on hand, relatives will always receive accurate information about the location of the old person which will allow them to quickly come for help and call the doctor if necessary. Some models of these smart bracelets even come with an alarm button. Everything is simple: as soon as you need attention or help, all you need to do is press the button and very soon you should receive the required assistance.

All these functions can be embedded in a regular mobile phone if its owner is well versed in it.

Features of GPS tracker for the elderly:

Convenient and comfortable form

Two-way voice communication

The ability to determine the geographic location of the wearer

A panic button that allows older people to connect with their relatives

A GPS tracker or bracelet is a useful and necessary thing for modern older people. They are practical, portable and convenient to use and will always keep you informed about your present location no matter how far you are from your house.

What to Look for When Choosing a Nurse for An Elderly Person?

What to Look for When Choosing a Nurse for An Elderly Person?

To start with, decide what duties she should perform. There are special medical workers who come for a certain time to conduct drug therapy. There are companions who simply offer company to the elderly so that they do not feel lonely. There are housemaid nurses who do all the housework.

Medical education:

When an elderly person needs treatment, you cannot take a nurse without a medical education. She must have the skills to provide first aid at any moment. In addition, a special qualification will help to comply with the schedule of medication. Also, she will clearly understand what each drug means. A skillful nurse can also help the elderly take the right amount of antibiotics so that they don’t take an overdose of these drugs. Also, a nurse with a medical education will be able to perform special procedures using creams and gels. It is best to hire a woman or a man who has a diploma in nursing.

Experience and recommendations:

Choosing the right nurse from a large number of applicants can be quite difficult.

In general, preference needs to be given to nurses who are over 40 years old. This is due to the fact that this age group is easier to find a common language with an older person. However, a 25-year-old girl or a woman under forty can play the role of a helper. The main thing to pay attention to is work experience. It must be at least one year. In addition, she must have letters of recommendation. You need to thoroughly check everything.

Personal qualities:

Every senior person needs friendship and care. At this age, people have little friends and they rarely go out. Therefore, they require friendly participation, as well as a good attitude. Working with older people is a huge responsibility. In addition, the applicant must have great patience and understanding. An important quality for the nurse is respect. She must respect the age, understand the elderly person.


A nurse must fully feel her responsibility for the life of the elderly, as well as provide him/her with comfort and peace of mind. Of course, if the relatives are also taking enough care of the elderly person, then the risks are reduced to a minimum.

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Healthy Tips for the Elderly

Healthy Tips for the Elderly

As you age, you may see changes in your body’s cosmetics. You may lose bulk, which may build delicacy. You may likewise consume fewer calories, particularly in the event that you are not physically active. To forestall weight gain, you may need to eat fewer calories than you did when you were younger. This implies you have fewer calories to enable you to get the supplements your body requirements for vitality.

What sorts of nourishment do I have to eat as I age?

When you get older, your body starts to require fewer calories. Therefore, you require similarly the same number of supplements. Supplement dense foods pack a lot of nutrients, minerals, and different supplements your body needs into a little measure of calories. For 2019 consider a medicare advantage plan which are located at

How might I pursue a good dieting plan?

Apart is the measure of one sustenance you eat in one sitting. Numerous individuals eat more than they require, particularly when eating out or getting takeout. Attempt these tips as this covers your daily life routine:

  • Abstain from eating before the TV, PC, or another screen. You may not see the amount you are eating on the off chance that you are diverted.
  • Read the Nutrition Facts name found on nourishment and drink bundles to perceive what number of calories and how much fat are in a solitary serving size of a thing.
  • Eating good meals can be less demanding when you plan and make them agreeable.
  • Cook ahead and solidify portions for quite a long time when you would prefer not to cook.
  • Keep solidified or preserved vegetables and natural products close by for speedy and healthy meal add-ons. Rinse canned foods to evacuate additional salt. Empty syrup and juice out of canned natural product to evacuate additional sugar.
  • Eat frequently with somebody you appreciate. Cook for your family simple meal and them the happiness.
  • Get some information about smart dieting plans.
  • You might need to check with your medicinal providers or dental practitioner if you discover biting troublesome, don’t have any desire to eat, or experience difficulty with your dentures. Sometimes you won’t have the appetite to eat due to the pain and swell around your mouth and teeth.
  • You have to figure your meds might make your sustenance taste terrible or influencing your hunger.
  • Don’t forget to take daily basis nutrient like iron or nutrient C to keep you strong and healthy.

Training for the Elderly: Things to Remember

Training for the Elderly: Things to Remember

It is believed that only young people are engaged in sports, and grandparents are no longer up to physical activity, and exercise equipment for the elderly is something unnecessary. According to numerous studies, this opinion is incorrect. Everyone knows that sports activities regulate the process of breathing, helps strengthen your cardiovascular system, as well as improves the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

According to experts who’re working with retirees, moderate exercise sessions can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthen your immune system, control mood swings, and improve your general perception of life. Thanks to swimming and walking, older people are able to maintain excellent physical fitness as well as a good mood. Training equipment like exercise bikes, steppers, and power trainers can be used even if the outside weather is not suitable for workouts.

The treadmill is the most popular exercise machine. It is easy to use, even an elderly person can handle the load adjustment. In addition, regular exercises on a treadmill can improve the working of your cardiovascular system. Exercise bikes are a decent way to get rid of shortness of breath, which involves the use of many muscles and their strengthening.

The stepper is a special platform that imitates climbing stairs or climbing a mountain. Leg simulator for the elderly allows you to select the intensity of the load. The indicator allows you to track things like the number of steps, exercise time, the number of burned calories, pulse, etc. We recommend doing aerobic exercises and stretching at the beginning and end of your workout. Thanks to this, your muscles will warm up. By the way, before using the simulator for the elderly, you need to make sure that it is safe. For this, you need to consult a doctor. In addition, experts advise drinking water before, after and during exercise.

Things to do:

Follow medical prescriptions

Consider the recommendations given by the instructor and the manufacturer of your exercise equipment.

Do not neglect the use of forwarding and backward driving modes.

Do not lean forward much and ensure smooth movements.

Track your pulse.


Exercises that use weights or additional equipment.

High-intensity sports activities.

Note: If you feel dizzy, tired or feel weak, it is better to stop training.


Make sure the clothes are comfortable and do not constrain your movements.

Does Medicare cover exercise equipment? Medicare and Medigap (Medicare supplement plan G listed at program, as of now, only covers medically essential healthcare services. Meaning exercise equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes won’t be a part of your coverage.

Walking Health Benefits for Seniors Above the Age of 65

Walking Health Benefits for Seniors Above the Age of 65

Strengthens bones

Walking strengthens the muscles and bones and prevents the development of osteoporosis. Other exercises like jumping and jogging are also extremely useful for increasing the strength of your bones in old age.

Improves brain functioning

Walking can prove to be beneficial to prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in senior citizens.

Improves mood

If you feel depressed, irritable, go for a walk. In summer or winter, you can always see something beautiful around you. Walking can help decrease anxiety and support better peace of mind.

Enhances the quality of sleep

Walking is particularly beneficial for those who have sleep disorders. Walking for an hour on a regular basis helps you prevent the onset of insomnia, and promotes better sleep.

Increases immunity

Regular walking can increase your body’s resistance to a number of diseases. Immunity becomes stronger and the risk of catching a cold or flu is reduced.

Regulates blood sugar levels

After eating, it is especially useful to walk in the fresh air. Walking can help control the blood sugar levels in seniors.

Helps to lose weight

There are many sports activities, such as cycling, running or skiing, which allow you to lose weight. But the majority of older people are no longer able to do these types of training. But walking is suitable for everyone. With walking, it becomes easier for you to effortlessly manage your weight even in old age.

Improves heart functioning

Walking, like any exercise, trains your heart muscle. Your heart becomes stronger and begins to pump more blood. Thus, blood supply to vital organs increases. Visit this site for a 2019 medicare advantage plan quote

Morning hours are more suitable for this type of workout for the elderly, but you can choose a different schedule. Seniors who’re suffering from insomnia might want to schedule their walks in the evening period. For working older people, the best option would be to walk to the place of employment or leave the transport several stops earlier in order to walk no more than two or three kilometers.

Nonetheless, walking in a natural surrounding can be your best option. Use every opportunity to walk through the forest. Phytoncides that are found in the forest promote clean air in the surrounding which protects your lungs from harmful bacteria. During the winter season, sparkling snow, light frost, the surrounding beauty and the transparency of the air is likely to have a positive effect on your mind and body.

Treatment Options for Incontinence in Older Men

Treatment Options for Incontinence in Older Men

Effective incontinence therapy is needed to make the patient’s life comfortable and fulfilling. Depending on what kind of urinary incontinence medicine was prescribed by a doctor, the goal may be to:

Restore the structure, integrity, and functioning of the muscle tissues;

Stimulate microcirculation of the organs of the genitourinary system;

Increase sphincter tone;

Increase urinary control by restoring the central nervous system of the body;

Block the inflammatory process;

Remove any infections and bacteria;

Restore hormonal imbalance.

Along with the medication, physiotherapeutic methods of action can help regenerate muscle tissue and nerve cells. In this case, various health procedures using medical equipment, therapeutic exercises, special exercises, and other means may be incorporated.


electrical stimulation of muscles and tissues;

Kegel exercises for men;

extracorporeal magnetic stimulation;


Nowadays, various devices for treating this disorder are widely used. Along with physiotherapy and drug therapy, a special diet and fluid intake are recommended. To observe and plan the process of urination, regular recording of the time of urine excretion will help.

Home Remedies:

Horsetail, heather, hops, lovage, beans and parsley seeds help to get rid of the symptoms of bedwetting in older men. The ingredients are mixed in the following proportions: horsetail – 10 g, hop fruit – 5 g, dried lovage root – 5 g, beans – 5 g, parsley seeds – 10 g, heather – 10 g. Brew in one glass of pure water. Infusion is left overnight. The resulting remedy should be drunk in small sips throughout the day. The shepherd’s purse is a plant whose infusion also helps with incontinence. 15 g of dried grass is poured in 200 ml of clean drinking water and left overnight. Take 20 ml in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Egg shells and honey can also prove effective in preventing incontinence in older men. A chicken eggshell powder is mixed with honey so that small balls can be rolled. They are left at room temperature and up to 10 pellets are eaten throughout the day. Incontinence from the bark of ash, elm, and viburnum helps to cope with daytime incontinence. On the first day, you must drink 200 ml of a solution of ash bark, the next day the same amount of viburnum bark, on the third day – elm.

Tea drink from sage leaves is also an effective remedy for incontinence. 5 tablespoons of dried herbs are added to a liter of boiling water and taken during the day. Blackberry and blueberry infusions are useful, which should be drunk three times a day, 100 g each. Both fresh and dried berries can be used to make them.

Senior Supplemental Plans:

Medigap or Medicare supplement plans at pay for out-of-the-pocket costs which are not included in Basic Medicare. Elderly above the age of 65 who’s an enrollee in the Medicare can benefit from Medigap plans offered by private insurance carriers. 

Treatment of Arrhythmias in the Elderly

Treatment of Arrhythmias in the Elderly

Treatment of arrhythmias in the elderly is carried out with antiarrhythmic drugs. Drug therapy consists of antispasmodic, analgesic, cardiological and sedative drugs. Surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation in the elderly – cauterization – is performed only at advanced stages of the disease, when there is a risk of recurrence with complications. Mostly conservative schemes are used since the cautery procedure has some contraindications.

Drug treatment of atrial fibrillation in the elderly is part of therapy. It is equally important to prevent complications and relapses. To strengthen the heart muscle, it is necessary to observe your diet, stay physically active, and create a favorable atmosphere. Atrial fibrillation in older people is one of the manifestations of a heart rhythm disorder. This disease is characterized by the acceleration of the heartbeat. During the stroke, the atria and ventricles contract gradually.

In some cases, arrhythmia in an elderly person without treatment can go away on their own, but this does not mean that the problem has been resolved. It is necessary to consult a specialist as soon as possible. In situations where atrial fibrillation does not stop within a few hours or a worsening of the condition is observed, one should seek emergency medical care. To self-medicate this disease is strictly prohibited, as this can lead to extremely negative consequences. Due to the malfunctioning of the atria, the blood circulation in them deteriorates, which leads to the formation of clots.

Restorative therapy in many cases is carried out with the help of drugs. These drugs are called antiarrhythmic drugs and are administered intravenously. Sometimes older people can take medication in pill form to normalize blood pressure. Electric cardioversion allows you to restore heart rate. This method of treatment of arrhythmia in elderly patients is carried out only in cases where drug therapy is ineffective, and this ailment is a threat to human life. Using a special current discharge to the patient during sleep, the heart rhythm is restored. Such treatment can be carried out only in specialized institutions with the help of special equipment.

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Top 3 Dating Sites for Senior Citizens

Top 3 Dating Sites for Senior Citizens


A decent choice for boomers who are looking for a friend or even a true relationship companion. The website caters to people who’re 50 & older, even though anyone who has passed 18 could register on this site. The period of 3-day free trial lets the users have a look at the profiles & know what additional features are offered. Then, it will cost you $19.99 each month for becoming a member. Your membership will comprise features like instant messaging, unlimited surfing, block feature as well as see those who are currently online.

The website is currently available only for US citizens.


In spite of its name, the users do not need to be only searching for a friend while browsing This website lets you to search for other people who’re also seeking for a relationship, friendship, even a marriage. The website offers members’ videos as well as blog. In addition, you are also provided with a magazine & a chat room. The magazine feature lets the users add their personal articles, in addition to the 24/7 consumer help service thru phone. Find a AARP medicare supplement plan going to

According to SeniorFriendFinder, they have almost 300,000 active memberships from all around the globe. Prior to registering for this website, you are able to view a listing of all the members in every nation, province & state. Hence, you can easily see how many possible matches may be within your region, if that is a requirement for you. Although the website advertises itself as free for seniors & everybody who registers is offered instant messaging as well as chatting privileges. However, you could only see up-to ten profiles each day. Also, you are not able to see the full images of the members. Buying a full membership (beginning at nearly $12 each month) lets you see as well as contact all the participants & use expanded search feature.


SeniorMatch is another popular dating website for senior citizens. There are almost 650,000 active members at SeniorMatch. This website was built in order to bring active single adults together who have similar interests. Members are able to post links to their own website or blogs which lets others have a better insight into their characters; also, there is an active forum for the site members with countless discussion threads discussing everything starting from the old styled relationship & alternate lifestyles all the way to travel, religion & pets. An instant chat feature & 24/7 support via phone can be helpful to seniors concerned about site navigation.

With a free trial membership, you are allowed to make a profile of up to 27 pics, send infinite “winks” to the site members, and search for other members. You could exchange emails with other paying participants as well. By paying for full membership, you’re able to e-mail other members instantly or chat online, see compatible matches, etc.

Senior Dating: Rules for Success

Senior Dating: Rules for Success

The task of finding the best online dating sites for seniors doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what you are doing. On the web, you will find a wide range of dating sites for seniors, single parents, Catholics, Jews, Christians, etc. Listed below are our top 5 tips that will help you get started in the senior dating world.

Do proper research on your chosen website

Make sure that you’re putting in enough time in order to thoroughly study the senior dating websites you are considering. Try using websites which are online for a long time period and are established in a better manner. They are likely to have a greater amount of active followers on a regular basis. In addition, take into consideration the feel & design feature of your chosen website. Any site with enough amount of credentials will feature great overall presentation & graphics which carries appropriate general tone.

Your Dating Profile

It is best to be honest and open while creating your profile on a senior dating site. Use the pics which are most recent to provide the best impression. Asking the right questions Prior to getting in touch with other members of the website, ensure to go thru all the info in a careful manner. Ask appropriate questions which connect to what’s perceived in the profile, like those associated with hobbies and interests. This will help you begin a talk.

Avoid panicking

Do not rush or get too intense while you are trying to nurture your experience in the online dating world. A relationship which begins online is likely to take some time in order to get proper recognition. Create an initial contact, then grow it in something which will help you create a long lasting relationship.

Follow Your Instincts

Make yourself aware of the feelings as well as gut reactions when you are progressing through every stage while dating online. Know your inner feeling & senses while sending/receiving different messages from others.

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